The main objectives of the WGSIni are to:

  • support the MENA region and its water stakeholders in advancing water management at national and local level while also shoring up regional cooperation and engagement and identifying viable tools and solutions;
  • stimulate the more sustainable use of the region’s water resources, stronger cooperation between pivotal actors, and a long-term approach to climate change adaptation;
  • promote a comprehensive and integrated approach to water security and ecosystem services and raise awareness of the increasingly interrelated nature of our global resource systems and their impact on water sustainability;
  • develop a framework programme within the WGSIni in line with the priorities of countries in the MENA region; and
  • mobilise additional resources and partners to expand the established framework steered by the MENA region, and identify synergies with other on-going programmes and initiatives.


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Banner photos: Zouhayer Ahmadi, Mohammad Aljaradin